Learn How to Finish a University Essay with an Exciting Conclusion

The conclusion part of an essay is what ties everything together into a cohesive unit. Although coming up with a good ending can be a bit tricky, understanding what elements it should have will help you craft an exciting conclusion worthy of a good grade. But how can you end your university essay with an exciting conclusion? Well, a good concluding paragraph should briefly summarize your work, illustrate why your paper is important and end with a punch. Remember, it’s not about introducing new ideas but rather summarizing up your work. Here are some of the key tips to help you.

Consider the so what question

A good way to generate your conclusion is to imagine that the teacher has just asked the so what question. Why does your essay matter? What can you state in your conclusion to convince the readers that they should care about your argument and ideas? By asking the so what question, you can easily dig below the surface for ideas and arguments.

Do sell your essay

If your introduction and the body are where you argued your facts, your conclusion should be where you convince the reader that what they’ve read represents an insightful, fun and an intellectual journey that was worth their effort and time. When you are looking to conclude your essay, do not be afraid of rhetoric. Make the boldest and the biggest pitch for all the arguments that you’ve made.

Look for the themes that you used in the first paragraph

You can get a nice way to conclude your essay by returning back to the theme that you started with. See if you can take it a step further while making a conclusion. You might also expand it to include other facts as long as they’re related to the original theme. But if you are not sure, you can buy university essays.

Be speculative

The conclusion is the one place where you get to bend the rules a little bit. Throughout the rest of your essay, you need to avoid making any assertions that you can’t back. However, your conclusion should gesture broadly and be slightly speculative towards your argument. You should be able to excite the reader. You can do this by stating that it’s urgent to view a problem in a new way or change the approach altogether.

Briefly summarize some of the main points

Try taking the first sentences of each paragraph and rewrite the main points into at most 3 sentences. This will not only reinforce your argument but also remind the reader of what you’ve been arguing for or talking about. However, avoid summarizing your points the way you wrote them. You don’t have to remind them of every point that you made.

End with flourish

Your last sentence should be provocative, elegant, and to the point. While this can be easier said than, done it all starts with illustrating the point of your work. Make sure you end with some irony, be playful and make an appeal to the readers’ emotions. Also, include some call for action but use it sparingly. If you are calling upon people to change then use call for action.


In order to drive the main points home, your essay needs an exciting conclusion. Crafting a strong finish line might be challenging but by having a clear structure and several strategies you can easily end your essay like a boss. Remember this is your last chance to impress the readers and provide them with something to remember. So, make sure you do your best.

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