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Writing a dissertation can be a complex process if you make it to be. You are generally required to do a dissertation at the end of your doctorate degree so you need to be very sharp when presenting the ideas in such a way that it answers complex questions in an effective manner. You should always start with ample amount of time at your hand so that you could research well beforehand and present your ideas in a clear way. First, let’s start with the basic problems that one may suffer from:

  • Lack of research skills
  • Lack of writing skills

How to tackle these problems

We need to tackle these problems head-on. To start you need a topic which can contribute to in a positive way and why it is a problem for the scientific or academic community in the first place.

You need to answer the following questions first:

What will your hypothesis add to the equation? How your answer lies in the feasible realm? How are you going to approach the problem with your solution?

Lack of research skills

Use google scholar for your research and read the first five papers cited for your topic which will give you a fresh perspective Only use Wikipedia for the list of the references which you will find really helpful Last but not the least visit the library and do the research old school.

You need to allocate adequate intervals of time for your research, you can use Pomodoro technique in which either you can work in 25 -5 -25 or 45-10-45 which means you will be working on your research for 25 minutes and then taking a break for 5 minutes or 45 minutes and 10 minutes break whichever works best for you. Pomodoro technique is a proven technique to beat procrastination

Lack of writing skills

As human mind loves symmetry, you need to follow a certain structure to make your content look clean so that people are able to understand it better.

Structure of the dissertation

  • Dissertation title
  • Objectives
  • Literature
  • Research
  • Methodology
  • Potential outcomes
  • Timeframe
  • List of references


Two sets of eyes are better than one so get help from a friend or a colleague The purpose of proofreading is to maintain the sanctity and essence of the document in hand while removing the grammatical errors, spellchecks and style errors plus the fluff so that you remain to the point in the whole presentation There are certain software present on the internet that can do the work for you which can be a sound investment as you might not want to show your intellectual property to anyone else


After you have a dissertation that you are proud of show it to a mentor of yours or a person with expertise in the subject you have chosen. It can be breakthrough for you as your weaknesses and strength will be quite apparent after that. Review your presentation again taking your mentors view into consideration and after that, you will have an amazing presentation in your hand and you are ready to embark on a journey

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